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Text about the gospel

By Stephen Baker

Maybe you are disappointed about your past, bored with your present and worried about the future!

Take time to consider what the timeless wisdom of the Bible teaches.


The truth is, you were created to know more than the humdrum routines of life. You have a soul and a spirit that need more than this world can offer. The only way to satisfaction and meaning is to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. 


There is, however, a problem. We all are faced with it on a daily basis. It is our sin, our failings, our shortcomings.

We have all 'sinned and come short of the glory of God' (Romans 3:23). This is the reason for all the downsides of life - our fears, our guilt, our pride, our greed, our phobias and our addictions. This is where the anger comes from. Violence finds its root in our sin, disrespect rises from its ashes, pride feeds on sin, greed and self-centred living ignores the reality of sin and its ultimate outcome - death. The good book says:


'The wages of sin is death' - (Romans 6:23)


But I thank God every day that it also says:


'but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord' - (Romans 6:23)


You may find it unbelievable if this is the first time you have heard what I am about to say

but the truth is - the answer to all our problems is found in Jesus Christ!


The claims of Jesus are too big to be ignored!


You have to consider them or you will be confronted with them when you die and stand before your maker, God.


The Bible states that Jesus:


Is the Creator and source of all life (John 1:3)


Lived in heaven before his birth at Bethlehem (John 6. 38)


Died for sin and rose again from the dead (1 Cor. 15:3-4)


Offers forgiveness to everyone who confesses their sin and trusts in Him to save them (Acts 13:38-39)


The question is how long will you ignore your need for forgiveness and the person who died to provide it for you?


If you would like to understand more about the way of salvation please get in contact us here

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