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Looking to listen to a gospel sermon or enjoy a detailed study of different books and topics from the Bible?

We hope you find the resources below a help and a blessing to you.

Latest Sermons

Other Sermons

Bible Study Weekend 2024
New Years Conference 2024
Studies in Revelation
Lessons from the life of Jonah
New Years Conference 2023
Easter Conference 2022
Alone with Him - Bible Teaching
Lessons from Jeremiah
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Lockdown Sermons
Life lessons from the book of Proverbs
New Years Conference 2021
Lessons for 2020 from the Garden of Eden
Picture of a bible
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How & why we should study the Bible
The Importance of Prayer (1).png
New Years Conference 2020
Conference January 2019
Question marks
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Abstract Paint
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Candy Stripes
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Dr Luke's Diaries
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