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Why and how we should read and study the Bible? Sunday 6th - Thursday 10th Jan 2019

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

Being in possession of the greatest book of all time - the Bible - come along to a special week of Bible teaching where Ian Jackson will tell us why and how we should read and study the Bible.

Subjects for the week

Sunday 6th Jan - The Importance of daily devotions - 12:30pm - 1.15pm

Monday 7th Jan - Obtaining an Outline - 8pm - 9pm

Tuesday 8th Jan - Discerning the Details - 8pm - 9pm

Wednesday 9th Jan - Tracing the Topics - 8pm - 9pm

Thursday 10th Jan - Obeying the Ordinances - 8pm - 9pm

Join us as at Bethany Gospel Hall for this special week as we try to understand more about the Bible.



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