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Daily finding time to pray to speak to God, can very often become difficult and pushed further down the agenda of a days priorities. Yet when we spend time in prayer it unfolds & unlocks the storehouses of Gods infinite grace and power. Listen below as Stephen Grant explains the priority that prayer should have in our lives.



Coping with Grief

Grief, while an unwelcoming aspect to life, is something that we all face and endure at different stages in life. Yet in these times it is possible to find strength & comfort in God.



Living in a discontented world, it can be very easy for a christian to fall in to the trap of not being satisfied. Genuine faith should produce full contentment in God.

Lockdown lessons from the Ark

Lockdown lessons from 

The Ark

With lockdown playing a key role in all of our lives currently, the story of Noah gives us an insight in to how to handle lockdown conditions and be busy for God.

Life balance

"My Life" according to the Bible

Often our lives are set by our own agenda`s, aspirations and guidance from others. However there is only one book that fully explains what our purpose in life should be - The book called The Bible.

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