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Jeremiah the Prophet

Living for God in an ever-changing society.

Standing for God & His Word is of paramount importance in a society that has neglected God. Jeremiah realised this, and built his foundation on the promises of God. Do you depend daily on Gods promises?

Happy Faces

What will make you happy?

Living in a world with its challenges & difficulties, true happiness is something that we all long for but leaves us asking the questions: Does true happiness exist? Is this something that is a reality in 2021?

Life lessons from the book of Proverbs

Life lessons from the book of Proverbs

In an ever changing world, the need for knowledge & wisdom in every day life is of vital importance. The book of Proverbs gives us an insight in to how to act wisely in different spheres of life.

Bible teaching weekend

Alone with Him

Bible Teaching Weekend

With all the busyness of life and the daily priorities that we set, how important is The Lord Jesus Christ to your everyday life. He gave everything for you - How much time do you give to Him?

City of Liverpool

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With much uncertainty happening around us, we at Bethany Gospel Hall would love to hear from you to see if there is any way that we can help.