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Alone with Him

Spending time with God in 2023

With life seemingly becoming more and more busier + the priorities of our life being challenged each day, listen as Paul McClarty shares with us where we should put our priorities in 2023.

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Lessons from the life of Jonah


In an everchanging world the requirement for Christians to stand strong for God is of utmost importance. Listen as Keith Hunter explores lessons from the life of Jonah

Studie in Revelation

Studies from the book of Revelation

Wondering what is going to happen next to the world that we live in. Listen as Stephen Baker shares with us studies from the book of Revelation.

BIBLE TEACHING WEEKEND 2022 (Banner (Landscape)) (Facebook Post (Square)).jpg

New Years
Conference 2023


As we start a new year, join us and listen as Ian Campbell & Ian Jackson open the living Word of God and share wonderful truths from the books of the Bible

Want to know more about us?


With much uncertainty happening around us, we at Bethany Gospel Hall would love to hear from you to see if there is any way that we can help.

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